Additional Services

Cognitive Massage Therapy™

Just like our bodies; our brain need regular exercise to stay in shape.
Cognitive Massage Therapy™ (CMT) is a personalized and interactive program that provides intellectual stimulation for individuals diagnosed with dementia especially for those in early stages.

Click here to learn more: Handout for Cognitive Massage Therapy

Dementia Designs™

Home and community environments are a vital part of dementia care. At Personalized Dementia Solutions Inc., we work with families and communities to help foster supportive environments to ensure proper daily care for those with dementia.


For families:

Through a short home visit, we provide an assessment of the home environment, in terms of its effects on dementia care, and make suggestions for improvement. Whether it’s a shift in furniture, a change in lighting or altering the home temperature, our recommendations aim at enhancing the lives of those with dementia and their family caregivers.

Personalized recommendations may include ideas for reducing overstimulation, increasing independence, improving safety and creating a sensory appropriate environment that suits the individual needs of the person affected by dementia. If required, we can also pick out new products and incorporate them into the home environment to further ease any challenges relating to dementia care.


For communities:

With in-depth experience in understanding the needs of those with dementia, we provide personalized consultations to key community stakeholders and/or committees on improving inclusion and quality of life for those living with dementia.

Communities are an essential source of support for those affected by dementia, and as awareness of this pivotal role increases, a new wave of Dementia-Friendly communities have arisen.

Understanding dementia and its effects, which include the daily struggles felt by caregivers, are vital in creating Dementia-Friendly communities. It is imperative that this awareness reaches businesses, organizations, institutions, and individuals throughout the community, as they all have an important role to play in supporting those with dementia and those who care for them.

As the numbers of those with dementia increases, we believe it is time for all communities to adopt Dementia-Friendly strategies. Our goal is to see those affected by dementia included in their communities, living independently for as long as possible, having more choice, and exercising more control over their lives.

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