Safety Products

Toch Smarturns™ – intelligent knobs for your stove

Do you worry about the stove being left on? Kitchen fires from unattended stoves are a real danger. Toch Smarturns™ transforms your stove to a smart stove when you switch the knobs on your current stove with intelligent knobs. You and your caregivers will be updated when the stove is on or off, ensuring safe cooking at all times. Visit Tochtech’s  website for more information on the product.

Tochtech is offering Dementia Solution clients a special 5% discount for every purchase. The KTSPECIAL discount code will be automatically applied once you have picked the product and proceed to the checkout.

Will Toch Smarturns Work with My Stove? You can run a check to confirm if your stove is currently supported before you purchase online.


The Guardian

If you would like to purchase a Guardian unit (as shown above), please use dicount code 538d to receive 5% off your purchase.  You can make a purchase HERE.