New App Helps Caregivers of People Living with Dementia

The new Dementia Caregiver Solutions (DCS) App is the brainchild of Angela Gentile, a specialist in aging with over 25 years of experience working with seniors and Karen Tyrell, a dementia consultant, educator and author of, “Cracking the Dementia Code – Creative Solutions to Cope with Changed Behaviours”.

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“This helpful tool allows caregivers to access solutions at their fingertips”, says Gentile who teamed up with Tyrell to create the app that offers their expertise on how to deal with 25 of the most difficult dementia-related behaviours. The creative tips, strategies and solutions found in the App have been known to be highly effective in managing high-stress situations and behaviours by both family and professional caregivers.

“It’s good. I like the favorites for a quick look at tools for known problems. It’s really good for when I get frustrated and need to come back to facts and reality.” ~ Stacey Fletcher, Caregiver

Living with and caring for someone with dementia is not always easy. Gentile and Tyrell are aiming to help family members feel more confident rather than unsure or feeling alone during stressful situations. Having these quick tips on hand will help aid caregivers throughout their journey in providing the best care possible and will help reduce stress for everyone involved.

The App is currently available for iPhones/iPads running on iOS 8. » Click here to go to the iTunes App Store to purchase.

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