Cracking the Dementia Code
Cracking the Dementia Code

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Cracking the Dementia Code – ONLINE Certificate Training for those working with seniors worldwide.

Enhance your toolkit and increase your confidence in providing Dementia Care for the person you’re caring for!

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Become brilliant in managing dementia related behaviours!

Based on her book, Cracking the Dementia Code, Karen & her team created this fun 1.5 hour online  self-paced dementia care training to help you excel in your role as a caregiver no matter where you live.  The program can be started anytime and can be paused so you can return to finish it at another time.  You have 1 year to complete the training and obtain your certificate.

Uncover the meaning behind the behaviours through detective work such as seeking the “Ph.A.C.T.S.™” and other creative non-drug person centered care approaches.  You will see how much easier you will be able to cope through the day-to-day!

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Cracking the Dementia Code Book

Training Overview:

  • Provides an overview of Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Delirium.
  • Identifies ways to be a detective to look for the meaning behind the dementia related behaviours.
  • Provides 9 effective ways to manage dementia related behaviours.
  • Identifies the top therapeutic communication techniques in dementia care.
  • Shares dementia tips for day-to-day support.

» This training includes handouts to keep for future reference, as well as a Certificate in your name.

Note: Prior to receiving your certificate, there is a short quiz of 15 questions.  If you obtain less than 75% you will have one more opportunity to successfully complete the quiz so that you will be able to unlock your certificate.

Course cost: Only $40 CAN per person + applicable taxes.  Group rates available.  Please contact us to learn more.


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Cracking the Dementia Code Book
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It takes a fantastic and talented team to create an online training program. I’d like to thank the following people for assisting in creating Cracking the Dementia Code™ Fundamentals Online:

Justine Steckley, Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Gerontology and Sociology – Instrumental in the creation, design & development of this online training.

Lisa Kamerling, Adult Education Certificate, Marketing, Writing –  Proofreading, editing & look and feel.

Hagit Rotbart, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance – Accountant, Business & Financial Strategist.

Jim Jordan, Website designer with a diploma in Advanced Multimedia Design and Production – Technical support.

Celia Hampson, Masters in Education – Consultations.

Surge Learning, Online training platform – Technical support.


“We have worked with Karen at Personalized Dementia Solutions to provide training to our caregivers. Our caregivers note that they feel much better prepared to care for clients who are living with dementia and associated behaviors because they were able to learn techniques for understanding why the behaviors occur and learn practical methods for managing them. Families share that their loved ones are more open to tasks such as personal care and appear to be enjoying meals and activities.”

~ Bayshore Area Director

Our mission at Personalized Dementia Solutions Inc. is to spearhead a shift in the way dementia related behaviours are managed by both professional and family caregivers.

We want to move away from the old paradigm of medical/task focused models and move toward a model based on compassionate person-centred care that results in more harmony and quality of life for all those affected by dementia.

“The world needs your strengths…so do the countless people with dementia you will meet.”

~ Karen Tyrell

“I completed the Cracking the Dementia Code online course just now and passed!  I am Deaf so I was watching the slides and they are fun to read. I love the humour and the great examples, and the great quiz questions too. It is a great course, fun to do and fun to learn, plus easy to follow.  A very nice package to learn and it sticks in your head!  I like the mnemonic tips such as Ph.A.C.T.S. and doing some examples and we can practice a bit to get a bit of hands-on.   Thank you for the lessons!   It is so nicely done and enjoyable!  Lots of new things I did not know about.”

~ Susan – Vancouver, B.C. ~

“I took the ‘Gentle Persuasion Approach’ program [not through Karen] and I feel like I learned so much more through you.”

Student from Capilano University, Rehabilitation Assistant Diploma Program ~

“Your passion for what you do comes through in such a sincere way.  I think it is contagious because I feel even more passionate about Dementia now than I did before!!  Thank you!”

~ Janine – Burnaby, B.C. ~

“I liked everything!  It was so informative and reinforced practical ideas. Thank you!”

~ Lori Schienke, B.C. ~

“It was very engaging and I loved learning how I can use these techniques with my clients. I am very excited to practice these skills.  I also loved how there were many examples of different scenarios where I was able to visualize and further understand.”

~ Paid Caregiver, B.C. ~

I enjoyed “Cracking the Dementia Code” and would encourage everyone to complete it….absolutely essential education for caregivers/family/friends and anyone caring for the person with dementia.   I am still amazed and greatly disappointed at how people with dementia are treated in the hospital setting and if I had my way, this course or similar should be mandatory for all hospital employees.”  

~ Tracey M., RN – B.C. ~

Your name for the certificate:

To register for this online training, please type your full name as you would like to have it displayed on your certificate and then click the Register button.

 Secure payment with PayPal™ account or with credit card.
(PayPal account not required to make payment.)  

Cracking the Dementia Code Book

 Please send me a message via the contact form to request more information or to send me a personal message. Your information will not be disclosed to any third party.  You may also contact me directly at 1-888-502-1321. Thank you!